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Requis was built for supply chain professionals, by supply chain and technology professionals to provide a better way to browse, buy and sell enterprise assets. Requis empowers buyers with superior data sets and transparent pricing. Requis creates the market with transparent asset data, access to an eager pool of buyers and simplified processes. Requis removes barriers, meaning users can upload verified certifications, drawings and photos to the platform, eliminating buyer worries over asset suitability.


How Requis works



Streamline the buying process and access a global network of suppliers ready to ship equipment for just-in-time usage. All listed items include full documentation history, so you have confidence in what you’re buying.



Remove the procurement requirement by identifying and balancing deficits and surpluses. Trade your existing assets your way and transfer equipment within your organization according to your business rules.



Equipment surplus is capital inefficient. Reduce costs and recover investments by reselling excess inventory or used equipment on Requis instead of scrapping or storing them.


Requis concierge service

Using the Requis platform, our global team of procurement experts help source and procure equipment and materials quickly and cost-effectively. We understand the complexities and costs involved with buying and selling assets and take care of everything from asset sourcing and ordering to ensuring prompt shipping and timely, on-site delivery. This value-added service is available at no extra cost to our customers, we only take a small commission fee of the total transaction value when there’s a successful sale.

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Why Requis?

15% reduction in procurement costs

20% increase in capital recovery

25% increase in workflow efficiency

17605+ unique descriptions

614305+ items for sale

146+ registered companies

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