Work smarter not harder


Prepare data
Sell your surplus
Raise capital


Determine surplus or deficit
Connect data across silos
Trade and transfer


Buy equipment
Source as needed
Leverage data integrity

Requis Sell

Unlock your inventory
to free up cash.

Reduce costs and recover investments by reselling materials instead of scrapping or storing them.

Give your assets
maximum exposure.

From valves & pumps to high end machinery to enterprise IT assets. We put your inventory in front of buyers around the world.

Sell your assets
your way.

Assets can be sold within your organisation or externally, by auction or fixed price.

Requis Balance

The best purchase is the one you don't make.

Identify and balance deficits and surpluses to remove the procurement requirement.

Information is as valuable as the equipment itself.

Collect and remediate data within your maintenance and financial systems to eliminate discrepancies.

Trade your assets
your way.

Transfer equipment within your organisation according to your business rules.

Requis Buy

Every item has a history.

All listed items include full documentation so you have confidence in what you're buying.

Streamline the buying process.

Remove unnecessary processes and costs with a digital supply chain platform built by leading e-commerce professionals.

Access a network of global suppliers.

A global network of transparent sellers ready to ship equipment for just-in-time usage.

Results in action

At the end of a construction job, our client had a range of surplus equipment in their inventory. Using Requis to divest the surplus, a Tier 1 operator achieved 10x expected value with little to no downside risk.

Requis delivered 10x expected price.

By empowering buyers with superior datasets and transparent pricing, Requis helped the client sell the redundant materials with a disposal value at ten times higher than expected. And we did
it all by success fee: no disposal, nothing to pay - in other words, minimal risk to the client.

Requis created the market.

By delivering transparent asset data, access to an eager pool of buyers and simplified processes, we offloaded assets quickly, efficiently and at maximum value.

Requis removed barriers.

Amongst items to be disposed were surplus cables. Due to local requirements and project specifications, we predicted difficulty in generating buyer interest in the cables resulting in potentially a low investment recovery rate. The client uploaded verified certifications, drawings and photos to the platform which built buyer confidence. All cables were sold.

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