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Gaining consumers’ trust in refurbished industrial materials is no easy task

June 14, 2018 | Ross McPherson

Requis marketplace creates a unique solution that helps control refurbished material sales for the industrial world.

Would you confidently buy a second-hand Apple product from an untrusted party with no idea of its history? Your gut instinct would probably say no. But what if that product came from Apple’s refurbished Mac page on its website? Would you have the same doubts then?

In the consumer world, brand image is one of the most valuable assets of an organization. If a refurbished Apple product that wasn’t bought from a trusted vendor fails, the consumer’s first thought would be “My Apple product failed.” The consumer does not think “my refurbished-by-a-third-party-not-approved-Apple product failed”. This is the main reason why companies such as Apple have created dedicated refurbished product online stores and allocated specific teams for support.

Certified Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Refurbished Industrial Material

In the industrial world – particularly the oil and gas, power, mining and renewables sectors – it is hard to find certified original equipment manufacturer (OEM) refurbished industrial material. It’s also difficult to control the quality of refurbished equipment market, which in turn damages the OEM brands and the end user experience.

There is often a reluctance to purchase refurbished materials. They are often heavily discounted and they may have come from a company that does not have the same rigorous quality control programs that the original equipment manufacturer had. Some companies may sell refurbished items with defects and other issues. Companies who buy faulty refurbished material are left with longer downtime, lead time and operational issues.

How Requis Increases Buyer Confidence

The Requis Marketplace, however, removes the uncertainty, increasing buyer confidence by creating a trusted and transparent refurbished marketplace – much like Apple’s refurbished site, but with valves, compressors and pumps.

Requis creates full traceability across the product lifecycle. It generates trust for both buyers and sellers. It also guarantees the highest quality commitment of the original equipment manufacturer throughout the process – giving it full control of the quality of its products, as well as protecting its brand.

Requis with its cloud-based access, automated data processes, and asset lifecycle transparency, is a unique platform that can help original equipment manufacturers and suppliers create a trusted refurbished material marketplace in just a few clicks.

Welcome to the future of procurement.

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