Breaking down barriers with an online industrial marketplace

August 30, 2018 | Ross McPherson

How Requis is removing the silo effect from supply chain

It’s not that hard to imagine the world 30 years ago when if you wanted to buy something specific you had to go into your local town and hope a shop there had it. Fast-forward to 2018 and if you want to buy something, chances are that a quick internet search will reveal someone, somewhere in the world is selling it. No matter if it’s not made anymore, is out of print, out of stock or ‘rare’. We are living in a truly global market place.

It’s the same with services too, from ride sharing to house rentals. There are platforms out there that mean people can share their house or their car with the entire world. Platforms that are breaking down language barriers and increasing trust in each other. Removing the silo effect that happens almost naturally between people who don’t know each other.

Our own global marketplace

When Requis – our online industrial marketplace – was launched, the vision was that it would help break silos between industries and enable people to work collaboratively instead of side by side.

Sharing inventory on Requis, would allow upstream oil and gas companies to connect to downstream or petrochemical companies who they wouldn’t normally interact with. The platform could also enable utility providers to share resources and critical parts in a transparent and traceable way based on their regions. And we’re pleased to report that it does exactly that.

But could Requis go one step further and connect the smallest non-profit companies with global energy giants through industry surplus?

Connecting and creating conversations with an online industrial marketplace

That’s exactly what we did when we welcomed the Endeavour Foundation to the platform to sell its expansive inventory of PPE, including gloves, safety glasses and gumboots. This non-profit Australian company supports people with intellectual disabilities to live, learn, work and flourish according to their own interests and priorities and was introduced to Requis by @PenelopeSisson, Customer Account Manager. And, just as consumer stores are now choosing marketplaces to sell their goods, in order to reach a wider audience outside of their own online stores, so Endeavour could reach a wider market through Requis.

So when the world is your oyster, what’s next on Requis? A small refurbished equipment shop interacting with a multi-national on the other side of the world? Two companies that have been neighbours for 40 years but who have never transacted discovering each other through our platform? A decommissioned facility in Canada and a new facility in need of parts in Pakistan? A region sharing its inventory openly to enable the rebuilding of its local power infrastructure?

You and me?

Who could Requis help you connect with? Register to find out.

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