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Alan Dunning

Alan has over 35 years direct Procurement and Contracts management experience and is the Principal Supply Chain Manager for Worley in Perth. This includes over 25 years commercial project management in the resources industry, primarily on oil and gas projects (LNG, offshore platforms), as well as the defence and airline industries. He is a key member of Worley’s global Procurement and Contracts leadership team, with demonstrated strong commercial management and strategic leadership capabilities. During a peak workload period Alan managed a team of 140 staff across a portfolio of projects with a development capital cost more than $26 billion. Alan actively assists in the set up and planning of all major procurement and contracts works associated with projects. Alan’s work history includes extensive experience in developing commercial and contracting strategies, reflecting the Company and the clients’ business drivers, whilst delivering maximum value to a project. In addition to this role Alan is also one of the founders of Requis.


Modern factory and global procurement concept.

Changing the face and pace of procurement

Worley’s Procurement and Contracts Manager Alan Dunning on why digital technology and online marketplaces such as Requis may well be the answer to preserving the skill and strategy of procurement