Richard Donaldson Head of Strategy and Platform


Richard Donaldson has spent the past 20+ years in Silicon Valley in a variety of technology and business operations leadership roles. From leading business operations at eBay, which focused on infrastructure supply chain, to CEO and founder of a networking platform, to COO of a colocation company; Richard drives innovation, change and growth.  

His passion is to ‘connect the dots’ between business objectives and market adoption/penetration. The idea for Requis was born while running supply chain and realizing that the global enterprises have simply not moved their own commerce activities online – not only did this need to change but it was the right time for it to change.  And so, the journey to transform and digitize the enterprise supply chain began and is something he sees as being the next decade’s biggest ‘thing’ to come online since the internet itself.

Company Asset Details

Years Experience: 20+

Country: United States of America

Cost: Access to a gym and coffee - lots of coffee!!

If you were listed on Requis, what model would you be?

What’s your current ‘condition’?

Fun, whimsical, ideas guy who loves to solve problems - the creative process in seeing things differently presents unlimited energy to me and as an avid sci-fi reader, I just love imagining all that is to come to pass!

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